About our Teachers

I played the sax through high school and then stopped playing until I retired ~ 4 years ago. I started lessons with Julian when he lived nearby and have continued with “Skype” lessons since he moved out of the area. He’s a great teacher: motivational, thorough knowledge of both classical and jazz, kind, good sense of humor, and a good communicator. I highly recommend him.


I highly recommend Julian as a saxophone teacher. My son started playing saxophone and taking lessons with Julian three years ago, when my son was 9 years old. Julian is patient with my son and has built a good rapport with him. Julian has always encouraged him to try his best and to not be discouraged when he makes mistakes, and that has made my son comfortable with Julian and confident enough to push himself. Also, Julian is reliable and punctual, and is good at communicating through text and email.


One of the things I wanted to achieve the most was to know how to do riffs and do it accurate and clean and Stav gave me great tools to do that (obviously it takes a long time to do well but possible!! So never give up!). 
Another thing I especially wanted to learn was to do vocal breaks and I got great tools to do that too. Singing very well takes time (at least 2-3 years) so I want that the students will know that even if he feels he doesn’t succeed to sound like he wants – this is very normal in the first and even in the second year.


Stav is a grat teacher with an amazing positive vibe, she taught me how to sing in the way that I want, and how to find my own special voice. Stav also helped me to understand and control the different methods of singing and all with great fun 🙂


About our Workshops

I took the CVT workshop and even though I’ve already been a singer, what I really enjoyed and benefited from was how Stav delivered critical, sometimes complex, even fundamental ideas and exercises in a very easy to learn way. It was also great being in a room of mixed experience styles and interest and the course material was completely applicable. I’d recommend this course to anyone wanting to raise their vocal game.