Stav German is a voice teacher, certified as the first CVT teacher in New York. Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is a teaching method based on cutting-edge research applicable to singers across all genres. CVT has quickly become the most well-known contemporary vocal method in Europe because it is effective, simple, and achieves the results singers want. All voices are subjected to the same set of rules and once we know these rules, we can apply the correct technique in order to sing whatever we'd like: from Rock and heavy metal to Jazz and Opera!

Stav holds a diploma from Complete Vocal Institute, Denmark and Rimon School for Contemporary Musics. As part of her education, she studied Voice pedagogy with Tami Katzen and took part in ensembles of different genres. In the past 10 years she has tought singing and music to children and adults ages 6-90 year old from different musical styles and levels of experience. She now teach in Manhattan in a positive and constructive way.

Voice lessons are suitable for all ages, levels of experience, and musical styles according to the singer's personality, artistic choice, and progress. During lessons, the singers and Stav work together to find the right tools to produce any sound they'd like in a healthy manner. As artists, what makes us original and connect with the audience, is the possibility of finding our unique sound. With CVT we have that possibility with concrete tools and specific solutions
to vocal problems.